Best Tech Websites You Should Visit

It is certainly hard to imagine how a world without websites and blogs today. Every website is like a window to abundance of knowledge that everyone is craving for. And for those who crave for technology information, news and updates, there are more options of tech website that are ready to give the answers and insights to even the most difficult questions. This time, we have collected some of the best tech websites you should visit. Do not forget to add these websites to your bookmarks.


Who doesn’t know Mashable? This is definitely one of the websites creating huge impacts in the world. Being one of the most constantly updated websites with tons of useful information has made Mashable among the most recommended websites for preference. Not only does it offer anything about technology but also other useful and entertaining information. Of course, this amazing website will make your day brighter and your brain fuller thanks to various information.



Gizmodo is the next on our list that certainly has made its way to top the websites providing millions of technology articles. This website is also known as TMZ that has been known for giving the most updated information on technology and gadget. Among some of its most popular articles is the review about the next gen Apple iPhone. This particular article has made its way to front page news in various countries. So, make sure to add this website to your bookmarks.


Let’s continue with GigaOM, another fantastic tech website available for everyone around the world. This website is created by the one and only Om Malik who has always been focusing on what’s new in the world of technology. It provides various kinds of information including news, social media updates, gaming reviews, startups and technologies, analysis and so many more. GigaOM has everything about technology covered. Of course, this is definitely what happens when you have 12 tech-obsessed writers behind the stage.


The next tech website with high popularity is ZDNet that has been around for more than 10 years. Well, 10 years are not short so it is only normal when ZDNet is able to provide tons of useful technology information, updates and reviews. This website heavily focuses on the common suspects like Googoloe, Microsoft and Apple but also features more other like software downloads and product reviews. Anytime you look for some tech information to entertain you, ZDNet definitely is the right website.


Here comes another great tech website to add to your bookmark, the TechCrunch. Even the name sounds entertaining already. This website may be younger than the ZDNet but it as influential as ZDNet. In fact, it is been claimed to be the number 2 tech website after The Huffington Post. There are more than enough reasons that make this website the number 2 in the world including huge team consisting of those who have been dedicating themselves on behalf of technology. With a great appearance, everything about this website is simply fantastic.


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