Great Career Options for Computer Science Majors

When it comes to college majors, there’s no question that computer science churns out some of the most successful, highly paid graduates worldwide. But as a focus, computer science is so vast that it can be hard to figure which job is right for each student. Here are some of the best ways to put that computer science degree to use after graduating.

Software Applications Developer

When it comes to tech jobs, software applications developers sit extremely high in the ranking order. With a high importance placed on great listening skills and excellent teamwork capabilities, software applications developers often work with company shareholders to create the perfect look, design, and application for a specific product. An online Software development program can be found at some of the finest schools across the country, including the University of Michigan.

Web Developer

As a web developer, computer science graduates get to mix creativity with high responsibility, creating web pages and designs to the unique specifications of clients and brands. As the need for a web presence for individuals and businesses grows by the minute, so does the need for talented, experienced web developers who can make each client’s dream a reality online. Web developers are in high demand across industries, with the typical annual salary starting at about $65,000.

Computer Systems Analyst

For computer science graduates who take a more analytical approach to IT, a career as a computer systems analyst is an excellent choice. These professionals sift through data to try and solve IT problems within software and applications. Computer systems analysts take a critical, creative approach to problem-solving, and often have to balance a lot on their plate. They also take a leadership role in many companies, working with higher-ups to organize the IT component of the company and make sure it stays brand-aligned.

Software Quality Assurance Engineers

As software quality assurance engineers, experienced coders and IT professionals get to stop problems before they even show up on anyone’s radar. This job requires running maintenance, detecting bugs, and stopping malware in its tracks, protecting the sensitive information a company stores online. Software quality assurance engineers make sure everything is up to standard, and commit to keeping a company’s sensitive material safe and uncompromised. They give input on creating better, more foolproof systems, as well as implementing safer IT protocol. With such great responsibility comes high demand, with engineers’ salaries starting at around $85,000 per year.

Database Administrators

For computer science students who enjoy working as part of a team and love challenges, a career as a database administrator is a perfect fit. Database administrators take on a leadership role while working as part of a team to write and code database descriptions, test errors, and modify programs that aren’t performing well. As a database administrator, it’s common to work in small groups and project-specific teams, while coordinating with the rest of the IT department to creatively and quickly solve tech problems before they reach a critical stage.


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