LE NENG TOYS K1 Intelligent Programmable Humaniod 2.4G Remote Control Robot

The plan and moves reminds us of this ROBOTIS Bioloid, however, it’s a fixed normal body and isn’t changeable to develop into another human type. The robots can construct several kinds of robot like humanoid, dinosaur, as well as spider available on Rcmoment. Whereas the UBTECH Alpha 1S includes a body that is humanoid that is fixed.

Material: ABS

With LED flashing lights that are trendy

Brand title: LE NENG TOYS

This robot is programmable which can execute actions that are various. Shooting playing and dancing music, is going to be a great companion for your children. Do not be afraid to take it!

Simple and easy to control and operate through Bluetooth

Time: approximately 2-3 hours

Battery of remote control: 2 * AA battery (not included)

Weight: 1552gpounds

Colour: Silver

Much enjoyable remote control robot with activities

A companion for Your Children

The UBTECH Alpha 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robot is good for intermediate or beginners robot gamers with it’s sensible human-like moves and programmable actions.

The version of the control program of the app comes with a sharing list for new activities, which may be downloaded and uploaded quicky. For sharing with other gamers around the globe allows.

Bundle dimensions: 45 * 31 * 13cm / / 17.7 * 12.2 * 5.1in

Time: 20-30 minutes

Programmable, Very Affordable, Fun and Interactive, Large selection of moves!

Compatible with Android and iOS

Gift box bundle

Various actions that are complex can be performed by it and achieve siumulation

Dimensions: 390 * 260 * 120mm

Name: RC Robot

Alpha 1S includes 16 joints that can proceed with precision

Beyond its present technical offerings, we all desired it reacted to a sort of voice control and provided more hand gesture associated interaction later on.

Control: 2.4GHz

Distance: approximately 30m

Weight: 1005g

Function: programming purpose and walk, shoot patrol, songs, dance arm-swing

The system body uses ABS substance that is plastic

The editing software for 3D activities on the PC finish command and can create every activity of Alpha 1S sound and to have a screen of actions

Function: programming and walk, shoot patrol, songs, dance arm-swing

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